OVO Energy scales easily with Google Cloud OVO Energy are a new low cost energy supplier in the UK founded in 2009

Clean and affordable energy

OVO Energy is a low-cost energy supplier, founded in 2009 in the UK. They tackle climate change and air pollution through the use of technology. Whilst supplying clean and affordable energy to the public.


We have been working with OVO Energy for almost 5 years and have formulated a strong strategic partnership with them.


We love the ethics behind OVO Energy and are proud to support them on their cloud journey.


Why did OVO Energy choose Google Cloud?

Before we met, OVO Energy was struggling to collaborate easily with their employees.


They were looking for a solution that would help them work better, together. This needed to be something that would make communication between employees easier.


OVO Energy was looking for a product that had collaboration at the heart of its functionality.


The company was quickly growing in size and needed something that would allow for ease of scalability.

Google Chrome Deployment

We recently helped OVO Energy deploy many Google Chrome devices into their eco-friendly, sustainable offices in London. Read more about the project here.