Netpremacy help The Bannatyne Group to boost productivity & adoption amidst a global pandemic

The Company

bannatyne logoThe Bannatyne Group is a UK based chain of high-end health clubs founded by “Dragon’s Den” judge Duncan Bannatyne. The company has a number of spas and fitness centres across the UK.

The Bannatyne Group and Netpremacy relationship 

The Bannatyne Group were aware of Netpremacy and the services we provide after Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager at The Bannatyne Group spoke to an existing customer of Netpremacy about the services we had provided. The group understood what Netpremacy did, and began outreach discussions with us and what we could do differently to their current partner in 2019 at Google Cloud Next, London. 

They were looking for help and assistance with Google App Engine, and they were not getting the support they needed. 

However, it wasn’t until lockdown hit in 2020 that the relationship started to flourish. Nigel began speaking to us about the business’ immediate needs. They were looking for technology that could help the head office staff continue to work from home, in the midst of a global pandemic. This relationship grew and The Bannatyne Group began discussing their aspirations for the future, both for the business and technology within the business. 

Products/services used: CSS

Before the relationship with Netpremacy and The Bannatyne Group began, the company was already using Google Workspace but lacked support. They were looking for a partner who they could come to with questions and industry challenges. They wanted more of an involved partner who could completely support them throughout their entire cloud journey and wanted to understand how to use Google Workspace tools more strategically to ensure that they were benefiting from all of the tools that were available to them. 

The Bannatyne Group was aware of some of the services that Netpremacy provided, however, once we began to build a relationship, we identified a need for more than just a Google Partner. We introduced our exclusive CSS programme, and how it could help to raise awareness, adoption and provide an extra layer of support and guidance that the Bannatyne’s group was seeking. 

The first initial project that we helped The Bannatyne Group with was helping to roll out 2-step verification across the business. This would add an extra layer of security to the workforce, and ensure security for the workforce and company data, no matter where they were working from. 

Throughout the pandemic, Netpremacy has helped The Bannatyne Group with solutions to solve industry challenges, providing unparalleled support. Netpremacy was available for business conversations so The Bannatyne Group could look into how Cloud technology can be further adopted into the business, to create a more productive and collaborative workforce. 

“It’s a great team of people, it’s not just about one individual. You can see that it is a group of people who work great together and want to get things done” – Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager

Future projects involve improving Google adoption, Data warehousing in GCP & Smart Analytics to drive membership sales. 

The Challenges and Objectives

The challenges that The Bannatyne Group were facing was that they wanted to make the IT department more solution-orientated as opposed to focusing on break-fix problems. This would make the business more efficient. They were looking for a partner who would be in regular contact with them and would be on hand to help assist with business challenges when working in the cloud. 

“We needed someone to talk to about our problems, someone who is more available and who we can lean on. I wanted a partner that could help us do things, and offer solutions and quick answers. Those were the initial things we were first looking for, but I think we have got a lot more than that so far from Netpremacy.” – Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager

There was also a lot of legacy software within the IT estate, and they needed to work with a trusted partner like Netpremacy, who understands Google solutions and how they can help the business to scale effectively. They wanted to be more solution-focused and to start leveraging their Google investment to start removing technical debt. The Bannatyne Group was looking for a partner who has tried and tested experience implementing change at scale & quickly.  Change within the business was something that they wanted to focus on, and that is a service that Netpremacy excels at, and understands the importance of. 

“With Netpremacy we are able to leverage contacts into Google, to be able to get us onto BETA’s etc that we weren’t able to do before.” – Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager

That’s why the CSS programme was a perfect fit, it meant that the CSS team could help to facilitate change as well as working closely with the business to identify new initiatives that can help to modernise the tech estate at The Bannatyne Group to help it compete with other gyms and fitness clubs. The business wanted to upscale, and keep up with their more technological counterparts. 

Packs of content that could be pushed out easily from the CSS team to The Bannatyne Group really enabled them to get through the pandemic. The assistance from the CSS team helped The Bannatyne Group to bridge the gap in communication between the head office and the fitness centre teams. They were involved with the day to day communication in projects through custom-built content for The Bannatyne Group and helped to raise awareness of Google Workspace tools, and how to use them to the best of their ability. 

The Solution

Netpremacy onboarded The Bannatyne Group onto our custom CSS programme in September 2020, and since then we have helped roll out two-step verification, ensuring the business remains secure while head office staff are working from home. We have enabled the company to remain connected during a difficult period due to lockdowns & restricted access to office & health clubs. 

“Martin Russell (CSS Director) is great, he is very engaging and inspiring, he talks about the right things, he gets you thinking, and he takes you onto a journey.” – Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager  

In addition to this, The Bannatyne Group used Netpremacy’s project management experience to transform how they approached transformational change & new initiatives to ensure structure & accountability.  

We have worked on content alongside The Bannatyne Group to create announcements around changes within the business, within Google technology, and to put together a plan of action for when the teams do return back to working from an office, and from the health clubs. 

The CSS team have helped the company to deploy more Chrome devices, which is allowing the teams to seamlessly work from home, and have also educated them on the Google sign-on for Microsoft. The plan is to help The Bannatyne Group become more Chrome centric within the next year. 

Finally, we have also helped to define a roadmap of modernisation projects reducing paper chain & operational costs.

“We were looking for a partner that was interested in what we were doing, and not just in it for the money” – Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager  

The Future 

Reminding people about the Google toolset when people are back in the office is the next step for The Bannatyne Group and Netpremacy. The company wants to look into how assigning Google Champions when they are back in the office is the next step towards better understanding and adoption of the Google tools. 

“The CSS service is great, the team updates you on new updates and things that are going on in Google that you may not realise. The team have got to know us, and what we would be interested in, so tailor the content they speak to us about. To be able to reach out and ask questions is great. I always know someone will come back to me with an answer to my questions” – Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager  

Looking back over the past year, it is clear to The Bannatyne Group that their way of working has definitely changed (in a good way). The way the company has been able to work and stay productive in a pandemic is solely down to Google Workspace tools. There will be a more mobile/office split and the company plans to be more flexible going forward, a common trend for many businesses across the globe. 

“We did see what could be achieved quite quickly when working remotely. There were so many things that progressed and were completed within weeks when you would have expected those projects to take months otherwise.”  – Nigel Wilby, Head Office IT Manager  

We look forward to a continued relationship with The Bannatyne Group and look forward to the ways in which we can continue to support them and help the business to thrive and grow. 

Netpremacy takes pride in the services we provide and welcomes any business that needs help with its digital transformation strategy and continued success. Find out more about our Customer Success Services here.