Lifestory Group: Data Migration & Drive Reorganisation

Jan 2022

About Lifestory Group

Lifestory Group offers an exceptional collection of quality homes and services that have been created by their brands: Anthology, Pegasus and Renaissance. Together they create homes and serve customers at every stage of their life, from first-time buyers through to downsizers looking for greater financial flexibility and thriving communities.


How we worked together

Lifestory Group had recently brought another brand into their group and were looking for ways to boost collaboration and improve access to shared data. Netpremacy worked with them to successfully migrate disparate file data to Google Shared Drives.


The challenge

Lifestory Group wanted to bring different types of files from various locations – Box, a legacy system, and from individuals’ My Drives – into Shared Drives. The volume, criticality and complexity of the data (e.g. folders with multiple owners, externally owned files) meant the project needed careful planning and execution to ensure there was no loss of, or incorrect access given to, data.


The solution

Netpremacy worked closely with Lifestory Group to understand requirements and fit in seamlessly with teams and deadlines. To migrate data from Box and to prepare and transfer folder hierarchies from My Drive to Shared Drives, they used Google Workspace Migrate, Google Apps Manager (GAM), and extensive in-house experience to ensure data was in the right place and accessible to the right people.


The result

Following a move of over 320,000 items, Lifestory Group now has their business data in a Shared Drive layout, designed to optimise collaborative working, streamline IT administration and maximise security. Key stakeholders were trained to ensure best practices for the future and are now empowered to encourage sharing and further innovation across Lifestory Group.


“Great project, everything went as planned. Project management was fantastic…Steve Adams on the technical team was key to this project, he kept everyone involved and updated, especially when migrating data. It was great to be involved in such a well organised, planned and executed project.”

Ian Austen, IT Manager, Lifestory Group