Kingdom Housing Association: GCP Migration

August 2020

About Kingdom Housing Association

Kingdom Housing Association (KHA) is a Registered Social Landlord, providing housing to meet a wide range of needs. Over the years, they have developed over 4,000 affordable homes, most of which are for social rent. They also provide Mid Market Rent, affordable housing for sale and factoring services.

The Challenge

Kingdom Housing Association planned to migrate 60+ VMs onto GCP and 500 users onto Google Workspace. They were part way through the migration process when they sought Netpremacy’s expertise on deployment approaches and workloads such as SQL server to support their findings and ensure best practices. Kingdom also worked with Netpremacy to explore further options, including DHCP implementation in Google Cloud and logging features for control and compliance.

The Solution

Kingdom and Netpremacy worked together, verifying project approaches and consulting on specific specialist areas. Netpremacy was available for both Google projects when needed to provide reassurance and support.

The Results

Kingdom completed a successful migration and successfully onboarded 500 users onto Google Workspace. By working alongside Netpremacy rather than outsourcing entirely, they could supplement their skills, retain knowledge in-house and gain the expertise to progress and implement new features.

Project highlight

The collaboration with Netpremacy provided an extra layer of confidence in the approach and execution of the projects. They were able to develop resources internally, retain valuable knowledge in-house and empower their team. Kingdom learnt and implemented Google best practices, achieving 100% compliance and progressing knowledge and skills in-house.