Kingdom Housing Association: GCP Migration

About Kingdom Housing Association

Kingdom Housing Association (KHA) is a Registered Social Landlord, providing housing to meet a wide range of needs. Over the years, they have developed over 4000 affordable homes, the majority of which are for social rent. They also provide Mid Market Rent, affordable housing for sale and factoring services.

Kingdom Housing Association were in the process of migrating over 60 VM’s onto GCP as well as migrating 500 users onto Google Workspace. Netpremacy provided support with expertise and guidance on a time and materials basis.

The Challenge

Kingdom has their own project methodology and digital team and was partway through the migration process. Kingdom sought Netpremacy expertise on deployment approaches and guidance on workloads such as SQL server, this was to cover off own findings and ensure best-fit approach moving forward. Kingdom also worked with Netpremacy to explore options on networking such as DHCP implementation in Google Cloud and worked with them to implement Logging features for control and compliance.

The Solution

Kingdom reached out to Netpremacy for verification of work and approaches throughout the project, consulting on specific areas. Netpremacy was available for both Google projects as and when assistance was required.

The Results

Rather than outsource the migration, Kingdom learnt how to complete the full VM migrations and workloads themselves, as well as achieve best practices and 100% compliance of International computing standards in GCP. They were also able to successfully onboard 500 users onto Google workspace. As Kingdom developed and managed the project themselves, their team can retain knowledge in-house and have the expertise to progress and implement new features.

Project highlight

The collaboration with Netpremacy provided an extra layer of confidence in the approach and execution of the projects. They were able to develop resources internally, retaining valuable knowledge in-house and empowering their team. Kingdom was able to adopt Google best practices, achieving 100% compliance and progressing knowledge and skills in-house.