The Just Eat & Netpremacy partnership, 6 years on

About Just Eat…


Founded in Denmark and now headquartered in the UK, Just Eat has been a pioneer of food delivery services since it launched in 2001. What separates Just Eat in an increasingly crowded market is its commitment to serving the widest choice of the greatest possible menus. 

“We cover much wider geography than lots of our competitors, so customers in less populated areas can still access the app and have a meal delivered. Instead of being focused on delivery and logistics, the core of our business is as an online marketplace. We’re dedicated to the restaurants we work with and how we can help make them successful”. – Richard Haigh, CTO at Just Eat

About Netpremacy…


Netpremacy has been a Google Cloud Premier Partner for over a decade, and in April 2020 we were awarded the Google Cloud Global Partner of the Year: Work Transformation Enterprise award to recognise our efforts and over a decade’s worth of experience. Working side by side with Google, we deliver successful business transformation time after time.


The challenges and objectives…


Netpremacy and Just Eat initially began working together in 2014, when the company decided that they would like to transition over to Google Workspace. The company was looking for the right solution for its unique needs, and with the help of Netpremacy decided to migrate to Google Workspace

“We have shared a long-lasting partnership with Just Eat, and since the initial Google Workspace project has worked alongside Just Eat to help them to expand the business, and get the most out of their data”. – Andrew Martin, commercial sales director, Netpremacy

The solution…


Since then, Google Workspace has been a key component of Just Eat’s expansion. Google Workspace has been essential in helping the company to connect its employees and collaborate effectively across the teams in the business. The ability to work from any location and any device on Google Workspace allows Just Eat to collaborate with ease. 

“Netpremacy helped us a lot, making sure we got the right architecture and tools from the very start,” says Richard. 

Using data to expand and grow…


Today around 27 million customers a year rely on Just Eat to bring them the food they love from more than 110,000 restaurants. As the company began to expand into new countries, it needed to strengthen its technology infrastructure to support that growth and to keep ahead of their competitors. Three years later, with a boosted data engineering team, the company was ready for its next big infrastructure project: business intelligence and analytics solution that would help it to work effectively in a more data-driven way.

“We were reporting double digit growth year after year, but scale and latency was becoming a problem as growth means more data to handle as well. We always want to be one step ahead, and that means being able to view and use information in real time. Our data engineers felt that the best way to build a new analytics platform at scale was with Google Cloud.” Richard Haigh, CTO at Just Eat

Understanding data with BigQuery…


With Google BigQuery Just Eat now has the ability to view and understand its various data streams on a single platform. Working closely with Netpremacy’s dedicated team of data engineers, Just Eat has integrated this with its existing event-driven architecture. 

“Google BigQuery is at the core of everything we do with data. With 6 technology platforms around the world, connecting the data side of things into all those different event streams means that we can query everything as a single unit, faster and more efficiently. That’s very powerful for us.” Richard Haigh, CTO at Just Eat

Just Eat’s engineers also make use of Google Kubernetes Engine to deploy and update any applications that need to integrate with other parts of the infrastructure. Using Kubernetes ensures that applications can work the same way on multiple clouds and this was exactly what Just Eat was looking for.

Just Eat has made a dramatic improvement to its data analytics in terms of scale and performance. The company now ingests 200 million events per day in real time and has increased the overall amount of data it can make available to its teams from 39 terabytes to 700 terabytes. Since the migration, 99% of queries are completed within 100 seconds, compared with 875 seconds before. Data latency has been reduced from 24 hours down to a second. 

“This has been a quantum leap for us in terms of getting a much more responsive and scalable data service. Google Cloud has played a fundamental role in helping us achieve more with our data.” Richard Haigh, CTO at Just Eat

The use of Google Cloud has not only helped to improve Just Eat’s analytics performance, it has also led to fundamental changes in the customer experience on their platform. Using its new data analytics platform, Just Eat has adopted machine learning to build its own proprietary “Customer Ontology” framework, this is a fantastic way to better understand and predict what their customers want. Just Eat has built an “Adventurous Index” which learns from customers’ order history in order to recommend other restaurants they might like. For some customers, this will mean a wider variety of recommendations. Just Eat is already seeing results: its audience has started ordering from a wider variety of partner restaurants.