How The Nuffield Foundation enabled virtual learning during the pandemic

July 2020

About The Nuffield Foundation

The Nuffield Research Placement Programme develops essential STEM skills for students between their first and second years of A-Level through collaboration with experts on a live research question, with new and exciting ways of working. Nuffield Foundation approached Netpremacy to create a virtual learning environment using Google Classrooms after an in-person approach was no longer possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Challenge
Nuffield Foundation had created a detailed catalogue of students and supervisors that were taking part in the programme, as well as an index of all sessions across nine different regions in the UK. The scope of the project would require all students and teachers to be provisioned into the correct region with the correct access, and for a virtual learning environment to be created for each classroom.


The Solution
A managed workflow approach would take place, and a list of users provisioned in Google Workspace. Additionally, a list of classrooms along with supervisors and students was provided weekly, actioned within an agreed timeframe. This ensured that all learning resources were provisioned and assigned before the learning date of the student and allowed time for any additional changes required.


The Results
The provisioning of over 700 classrooms and 1200 students over 8 weeks. While it was the agreed plan that Nuffield would take over the provisioning of classrooms and students partway through the project, they were impressed with the project design and technical ability so requested that Netpremacy continues to provision classrooms students for the remainder of their learning programme.


“When the pandemic struck, we were faced with the need to transform our research placements programme to a virtual offering, without compromising the opportunities we offer to disadvantaged young people. From the initial set up to being fully provisioned, Netpremacy was responsive, approachable and extremely competent. The virtual programme was a great success, due in no small part to their help.” – Elaine Graham-Leigh, IT Governance and Systems Officer, Nuffield Foundation