How Netpremacy helped LOXAM’s remote workforce to get online quickly

LOXAM PAD is the powered access division of the largest equipment rental group in Europe, and the 3rd-largest in the world. It has a 50,000 strong fleet of powered access machines, which are used for a variety of things; from cherry pickers on a construction site to fixing mobile phone masts, and even providing shots at height on a film set or a racecourse. LOXAM PAD is established across EMEA, headquartered in Paris, with depots dotted all around the globe.

The Challenges and Objectives

LOXAM PAD required a fleet of devices to get their workforce up and running remotely, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They couldn’t get the supply of their usual devices they wanted at short notice, so they were left to explore other options. 


“We had people who normally work in the office, and unsurprisingly, all of a sudden they had to work from home. We needed a solution that we could roll out quickly to make that happen.” – Gareth Lloyd, CIO, LOXAM PAD

The Solution

LOXAM PAD first crossed paths with Netpremacy in 2020 when they were looking for a solution that would provide traditional hosting, as well as support for their IaaS and PaaS requirements around IoT.  

Upon learning about the opportunity to supply LOXAM PAD’s now remote workforce with laptops, Netpremacy knew that Chromebooks would be the perfect solution. They are secure, fast, reliable, and required little to no set-up, which is exactly what LOXAM PAD needed. 

One of the driving factors which led them to adopt a Google solution was, a few years prior to this, the company standardised their mobile phone fleet to Android. Despite initial resistance from their workforce, it was successful and received well.

Setting up your workforce remotely, when time is against you and with a sudden surge of demand, seemed like a challenging task. Netpremacy however, pledged 200 x Chromebooks, and after receiving the order, they were delivered in 2 days. 

“We placed the order on Friday, and by Tuesday we were unloading them from the van and a couple of days later we were enrolling them in the Enterprise portal.” – Mark Hughes, Director of Infrastructure and Security, LOXAM PAD.

Following the delivery, both Netpremacy & LOXAM PAD pulled their teams together for a crash course on all things Chrome. After a few calls the team at LOXAM PAD were up and running and enrolling devices within hours, with Netpremacy observing and supporting across the whole journey. 

They were rolled out and deployed within 3 days of delivery, so 200 members of the PAD workforce were now fully operational and could continue working remotely. This rapid delivery and deployment is a testament to the hard work and effort the team at Netpremacy put into providing the right solution for their customers, and another great example of how Google’s browser first solutions have a real impact when it’s needed the most. 

“The people who step up when you need it, you remember that and it banks a lot of goodwill. That’s exactly what Netpremacy did.” – Gareth Lloyd, CIO, LOXAM PAD.

“The first project we did together has been brilliant, so why wouldn’t we continue?” – Gareth Lloyd, CIO, LOXAM PAD.

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