DFS Cloud Migration: Assessment and Planning

Oct 2022


dfs moves to gsuite with Netpremacy

About DFS

DFS Group is the leading upholstery retailer in the UK. The group trades as the following three brands: DFS, Sofology and Dwell. DFS Group (encompassing DFS and Sofology for this engagement) are in a period of transformation, with a strategy to become a Cloud-first, innovative retailer.


DFS Group wanted to begin migrating their legacy infrastructure to cloud computing as part of their cloud-first strategy. Netpremacy partnered with DFS to uncover key information that would form part of a more in-depth cloud migration plan.



The Challenge
DFS had a desire to move their legacy (VMware-based) on-premise estate to the cloud to improve scalability, innovation, efficiency and a cost effective way of operating. DFS needed to understand and evaluate the options for each workload to ensure Google was the right cloud provider for the migration.


The Solution
Using Stratozone, DFS and Netpremacy discovered 223 assets to be considered in-scope for migration. Netpremacy analysed network traffic, dependencies, machine metrics and provided rightsizing recommendations. Then, Netpremacy grouped assets into workloads, engaged with DFS and provided migration options that align with DFS’ strategic goals and Google’s recommended migration factory methodology.


The Results
DFS now have a holistic view of what workloads are in scope to migrate, what needs to be re-platformed or refactored, what can be retired or replaced and what must be retained on-premise. With a comprehensive understanding of the work in front of them, DFS now have the information they need to make an informed decision for the next steps of their migration, including 3-year GCP cost forecasts.


“Netpremacy worked closely with the DFS engineering teams and other key departments to formulate the plans. Not only were the Netpremacy teams knowledgeable, but they were also easy to work with. They understood our pain points and priorities and drove the initial exercise alongside the DFS project teams. We look forward to working with the team on the next phases of our Google Cloud journey.” – Craig Wilson, Head of Group Infrastructure & Architecture