Deliveroo: Delivering record-breaking growth with the right tools

About Deliveroo

Deliveroo is the fastest-growing technology company in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2013, the food courier service achieved a three-year growth rate of over 15,000% to 2018, expanding beyond its London base to operate in 14 countries.


Netpremacy provided consultation for a strategy to improve Deliveroo’s productivity by adopting Google Workspace at speed for the rapidly growing business. They also assisted with Change Management for company communications and user training, and they accommodated device procurement.

The Challenge

As the company was scaling, they needed a strategy for all offices to scale with it and needed the right infrastructure to do that. There were concerns around downtime, and tools that confuse staff rather than help them, so they required an intuitive platform and a plan to rapidly enable their user base rapidly. Along with admin issues, they wanted to reduce the time spent provisioning new starter device configuration.

The Solution

Netpremacy created a strategy around Google Workspace that identified an approach for efficiently training new staff. They offered services providing training to users and providing onboarding packs and introduced Chromebooks (Pixelbooks) as a method to increase the speed of device setup to align with rapid user growth. Netpremacy put the videoconferencing functionality at the core (Meet & hardware) to assist with this.

The Results

As a result of this, they were able to issue new devices in one-tenth of the time. Chromebooks were made the default device for new starters and Deliveroo made substantial cost savings by adopting Meet over the other videoconferencing solution. It also resulted in a defined & rapid approach to onboarding new starters. Deliveroo was able to become an ideal workplace to support a more mobile, agile approach to work & became a cloud-based company with Google Workspace at its core for reaching that goal.

“Our strong relationships with Netpremacy and Google Cloud product managers mean we can align our internal strategies with them. Working together, we can create the ideal environment for our culture of collaboration.” – Asif Akmal, Director of IT, Deliveroo

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