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Netpremacy Global Services provide a full portfolio of IP services including national and cross-border VPLS networks, security services and Google Enterprise solutions to thousands of organisations in over 30 countries around the world. Backed by the most powerful, datacentres, and high capacity global networks, Netpremacy offer tailored solutions to meet specific business needs, underpinned by a commitment to professional project management and service delivery, as well as our market-leading customer care programs.

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AppsCare has built a strategic delivery model (Gstall) around our clients’ imperatives. This model is global, collaborative and capable of delivering high-quality, high-value Google Apps for business, Google Postini and Cisco solutions.

Our attention to detail on the back-end is complemented by our commitment to front-end users. Intuitive pre-configured toolsets integrated into easy-to-use delivery tools dramatically reduce the time client teams need to start using and benefiting from our solutions.

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AppsCare and Gstall programs ensure a smooth transition to the cloud

AppsCare support programs

Supporting over 2500 customers in over 30 countries around the world, AppsCare services are backed by leading global network operations and customer care engineers providing the infrastructure to deliver exceptional solution support.

AppsCare support programs

Gstall deployment programs

AppsCare’s Gstall delivery suite for Google Apps, combines the collective experience of Google certified professionals around the world into a set of proven methodologies. Each team works intensely to deliver world leading Google Apps solutions with best practice guidance.

Gstall deployment programs

Google trusted partner

AppsCare are recognised as one of the longest standing Google Apps partners, developing a deep trusted partnership with Google over many years. AppsCare are also recognised by Google as one of the world's foremost experts in Google Enterprise products.

AppsCare support programs

AppsCare - Google certified deployment & support teams

AppsCare global specialists were some of the first to achieve the prestigious Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist (GACDS) certification. GACDS certification ensures the highest level of Google Apps deployment and support for your organisation.

AppsCare deployment service

Google Postini trusted partner

AppsCare protect some of the largest organisations around the globe. All engineers are fully certified in all aspects of Google Postini security, and are recognised as some of the world's foremost experts in Google Postini deployment and support.

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Cisco ScanSafe Certification

AppsCare are ScanSafe Web security specialists are some of the finest around the globe. With many years experience protecting corporate infrastructures, they hold many certifications including the Cisco IronPort Cloud Security Specialist certification (CICSS).

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